Common Issues that Trigger a Divorce

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There are countless reasons why a couple may decide to divorce. While many couples are able to resolve issues and remain happily married, there are also issues that couples face that ultimately cannot be resolved and can lead to divorce.

Here are some common issues that can trigger a divorce:

  • Infidelity. Possibly the most difficult issue for the innocent spouse to overcome and forgive, and understandably so. However, if both parties are willing to work through the issue, sometimes the marriage benefits from such obstacles. If a party cannot forgive, this leads to the next issue: Holding on to resentment.
  • Resentment. If something happened in the past and the wronged partner is unwilling to let it go, it is difficult for the marriage to progress. The initial wrong coupled with the resentment can eventually erode the entire relationship and can lead to the end to the relationship.
  • Finances. This is another major and obvious issue that must be discussed openly. Dealing with daily financial issues is stressful. Constant stress in any relationship is not healthy. If each person is not willing to work in collaboration with his or her spouse or is not willing to restrain what is perceived as bad spending habits, this can become a deal breaker in a relationship.
  • Parenting. As a parent, you want what’s best for your children.  Sometimes what one parent thinks is best is not what the other parent thinks is best. Not seeing eye to eye on how to raise children can create a tension that is hard to shake and can lead to the children experiencing difficulties.  Once again, if there isn’t compromise it can lead to a stressful and difficult relationship and home environment.
  • Being there but not being there. Although you may physically be there with one another, if there is no conversation and you are more interested in your smart-phone than what the other person has to say, you may have a deeper problem. Be present for your significant other and always make sure you are making time for each other and the relationship.
  • Not having a lot in common. Having your own life and own interests can be healthy for yourself and your relationship. Not having anything in common and spending the majority of your free time pursuing your own interests can be tough on any relationship. Find a common ground and do things together if the relationship is worth holding onto.

Any marriage takes a lot of work, but sometimes it reaches a point where all of that effort still isn’t enough.  If you have chosen to take the step towards divorce, be sure to seek an attorney to help guide you through what can be a complicated process.