Greater Chance of Divorce in Second Marriages

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You fell in love, got married, and realized that something wasn’t right. You made the difficult decision to go through with a divorce, and when the time was right, you moved on and fell in love again. The second time around you may have been a bit older, wiser, more financially stable, and felt that you have found your true self, so you get married for a second time. Unfortunately, according to the National Center for Family and Marriage Research, at Bowling Green State University, 60 percent of second marriages and 65 percent of third and fourth marriages will end in divorce.

There are several reasons for a failed second marriage. Some include:

  • Rushing into the second marriage. Possibly, the relationship leading up to a second marriage began before the first marriage ended. It can be easy to seek comfort in the companionship of someone during/after the divorce process. This may lead to a false sense of truly being in love with someone rather than realizing that person is merely a distraction.
  • Trust issues. If the relationship did begin during the divorce process, or caused the divorce, the other party may think it could happen again. This can lead to trust issues from the very beginning, which isn’t healthy for any relationship.
  • Finances are likely to be more complicated. You are older and likely each of you are more stable in your lives. This can mean that more assets are involved. Most married couples fight about finances to begin with, but in the second marriage, each individual is bringing more into the relationship. Depending on the situation, debt can lead to similar complications and arguments with the second marriage. It is important to have a prenuptial agreement when entering any marriage where one or both parties have assets which are premarital.
  • Less guilt. There can be less guilt about leaving the second time around. This can be especially true if there are no children in the second marriage that one would feel they needed to protect. On the other hand, if it is a blended family, it can be very difficult for both sides to adjust to and accept the new arrangement.

While there are many successful second marriages that have a “happily ever after,” the statistics show that there is a greater chance of them ending in a divorce. As you know from the divorce of your first marriage, life does go on and you will find a lifestyle that best suits your needs. If you need to speak with an attorney regarding any issue related to a second marriage, please call or office.