Like Marriage, a Good Divorce is Better than a Bad One

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All good marriages take effort and sacrifice from both parties. The same can be said for a “good” divorce. At the end of the day, that marriage started off with a special bond; a friendship that was unlike any other. So why not end it in a positive manner for both? This may seem unrealistic for some, which is understandable. Divorce is not something people believe can end on a happy note.

While the word divorce can still have negative connotations, it is more commonly accepted these days. A greater number of people are finding ways to happily move forward with their lives rather than letting the divorce process consume them and leave them feeling like they have nothing left. There is a life after divorce and if both individuals feel that parting ways as a couple will make each happier, why not also agree to make the entire process as pleasant as possible? For some, this may include remaining close friends and supporting each other in their new endeavors.

Looking back on the time you have spent together, the memories you have shared, how you have grown as individuals, and so forth, can all be great reasons to not regret your decision to get married, but rather appreciate everything you have gained from it. Just because your marriage is ending in a divorce does not mean that there has to be a lifetime of regret for living through that part of your life together.

The divorce process does not have to be a difficult one. Sometimes a good first step is contacting a family law professional who can assist you in mediating your divorce, instead of litigating. There are many benefits to mediation. In mediation, the emotional issues are acknowledged, but the focus is on working together to identify the issues and what’s important to everyone concerned. If you and your spouse find yourself contemplating divorce and would like to do so via mediation, contact our office for more information on the process and to see if it is right for you.