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  • Benefits for Veterans and their Families


    If you are a veteran you know that there are several benefits that are available to you. Unfortunately, many veterans are unaware of what some of those options are and it is up to them to research and find out what is available. Benefits also vary depending on the state you live in. If you […]

  • Co-Parenting During the New School Year


    September is officially here! For most children, that means they are back to school and getting used to their new routine after those summer months away from the classroom. Regardless of your child’s age, there may be a few new scenarios that he or she may need to adjust to. If your situation involves co-parenting […]

  • Back to School Safety Tips


    With August winding down, the kids (and parents) are getting ready for those back to school routines! While this time of year can be bittersweet with those long fun-filled summer days coming to an end, the back to school routine can be good for children and parents. However, without your kids under your watchful eye, […]

  • How to Speak to your Children about Divorce


    Going through a divorce is a difficult time in and of itself, but when children are involved, it can create another level of stressors. The anticipation of how and when to approach your children about you and your spouse’s decision to divorce can be gut wrenching. Regardless of how well you and your spouse are […]

  • Expecting Parents: How to be Financially Prepared for Your First Born


    These days there seems to be endless information available on “what to expect where you’re expecting.” From books, magazines, and blogs, to social media and acquaintances who already have kids, there is a wealth of knowledge around every corner. However, as most parents know from experience, there really is no way to be fully prepared […]

  • Back to School Co-Parenting


    The summer is half over and while there are still plenty of long sunny days to enjoy, the reality is the kids will be going back to school before you know it. As the kids cling onto those last few weeks of summer you are probably trying to hold back your excitement knowing you won’t […]

  • Modern Day Divorce: Mobile Apps that Make Divorce Easier


    Modern technology always comes with its share of ups and downs, frustrations, and learning experiences. Not unlike the divorce process! If you are like most people this day and age and have a smartphone, you already have the world at your fingertips. However, did you know that there are many divorce apps out there created […]

  • Basic Rules to Follow to Maintain a Healthy Marriage


    While there are obviously no written “rules” that a married couple must follow, there are a few guidelines that can prove to be helpful in every relationship. Most marriages go through different phases over the course of its lifetime. Whether it be the honeymoon phase or the “I’m annoyed with you” phase, a strong marriage […]

  • Divorce and the Children’s Summer Vacations


    The days are getting warmer and longer. The kids (and teachers) are getting restless in the classroom. You look at the calendar and realize that your days are about to get a whole lot longer as the children’s summer vacation is approaching. Any parent knows that as much as those summer vacations can be fun, […]

  • Co-Parenting a College Student


    Getting a divorce ends your marriage but it doesn’t end your parenting duties. If you had children during the marriage there are certain responsibilities that you and your ex-spouse need to uphold, even if the children are older and college-bound. Being a teenager can be difficult enough, but as the time gets closer to making […]