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  • Modern Day Divorce: Mobile Apps that Make Divorce Easier


    Modern technology always comes with its share of ups and downs, frustrations, and learning experiences. Not unlike the divorce process! If you are like most people this day and age and have a smartphone, you already have the world at your fingertips. However, did you know that there are many divorce apps out there created […]

  • Basic Rules to Follow to Maintain a Healthy Marriage


    While there are obviously no written “rules” that a married couple must follow, there are a few guidelines that can prove to be helpful in every relationship. Most marriages go through different phases over the course of its lifetime. Whether it be the honeymoon phase or the “I’m annoyed with you” phase, a strong marriage […]

  • Divorce and the Children’s Summer Vacations


    The days are getting warmer and longer. The kids (and teachers) are getting restless in the classroom. You look at the calendar and realize that your days are about to get a whole lot longer as the children’s summer vacation is approaching. Any parent knows that as much as those summer vacations can be fun, […]

  • Co-Parenting a College Student


    Getting a divorce ends your marriage but it doesn’t end your parenting duties. If you had children during the marriage there are certain responsibilities that you and your ex-spouse need to uphold, even if the children are older and college-bound. Being a teenager can be difficult enough, but as the time gets closer to making […]

  • When to Walk Away from a Relationship


    Relationships aren’t easy and almost all of them have their fair share of ups and downs. As people continue to grow as individuals, there is the hope that the relationship will grow as well. Choosing to stick it out through the bad times rather than just give up is an issue many people deal with […]

  • Communicating Effectively With Your Spouse


    Having arguments here and there is normal behavior in a relationship. In fact, if you aren’t arguing at all, that could pose problems in the relationship later on down the road. Suppressing your emotions or always compromising for the sake of avoiding confrontation is unhealthy in a relationship. Over time, such behavior could create a […]

  • When to Consider Couple’s Therapy


    Couple’s therapy often comes with a stigma that the marriage is already doomed and past the point of no return. While this may be the case for some couples, often time, the opposite is true. The fact that a couple is willing to take that first step in order to make the marriage better is […]

  • The Modern Electronic World vs. The Divorce Court Room


    We live in a smart, convenient, and entertaining electronic world where we can access nearly anything with the click of a button. While these advancements in technology are amazing and fun, we are also living in a world where nearly everything we do and say is being recorded or tracked in some shape or form. […]

  • Love and War: Marriage with a Deployed Spouse


    Love and war: Two words associated with very big meanings and emotions that completely contradict one another. Yet, so often in literature and film these two words go hand-in-hand. Literature and film frequently romanticize the idea of war. The story is of a soldier overseas penning love letters to his significant other back home, thousands […]

  • Spring Forward After Divorce


    Springtime has always been associated with renewal, rebirth, hope, love, and growth.  Every year new life emerges from the dead of winter. The dreary grey becomes vibrant and green, cold becomes warm and with it comes a sense of hope and relief. Divorce can feel a lot like winter: Cold, uninviting, isolated, stark, desolate, and […]