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  • Making your Marriage a Priority


    Most of you are probably familiar with the childhood song that teases friends about a crush, falling in love, getting married, and having a baby. However, as many couples may already be aware or have experienced for themselves, it is not uncommon for the marriage relationship to get put on the back burner once that […]

  • Co-Parenting in the Summertime


    If you are a parent you are likely familiar with that time of year where the kids get antsy for the school year to be over and anxious for their summer to begin. If you have recently gone through a divorce, or are currently attempting to put together a parenting plan, finding a happy medium […]

  • Work on your Marriage or get a Divorce?


    The younger generation often gets accused of calling it quits when married life gets too difficult. It’s not uncommon for older generations to frown upon young couples getting divorced rather than “sticking it out” and making it work. While it may be true that some couples quit without trying, some situations truly warrant a divorce. […]

  • Common Issues that Trigger a Divorce


    There are countless reasons why a couple may decide to divorce. While many couples are able to resolve issues and remain happily married, there are also issues that couples face that ultimately cannot be resolved and can lead to divorce. Here are some common issues that can trigger a divorce: Infidelity. Possibly the most difficult issue […]

  • Understanding Guardian Ad Litem


    When parties to a divorce have children, it is not uncommon that one or both parents request that a Guardian Ad Litem be appointed.  A Guardian Ad Litem, often referred to as a “GAL,” is a neutral third party that is appointed by the court to investigate matters pertaining to the care and custody of […]

  • Greater Chance of Divorce in Second Marriages


    You fell in love, got married, and realized that something wasn’t right. You made the difficult decision to go through with a divorce, and when the time was right, you moved on and fell in love again. The second time around you may have been a bit older, wiser, more financially stable, and felt that […]

  • The Modern American and Divorce


    For decades it has been the common consensus that divorce rates continue to rise and that half of all marriages in the United States will end up in divorce. This theory began in the 1980’s when divorce was at its highest rate of 40% and was expected to continue to climb. However, researchers found that ever since then, divorce has been on […]

  • Social Media and Divorce


    We live in an electronic world. We have a wealth of information literally at our fingertips for a good portion of every day. While the advancement in technology has done wonders for us, it also has the potential to wreak havoc in our personal lives. With so many people sharing their personal lives on social media […]

  • Preparing for Divorce in the New Year


    The holiday season is now over and it is not uncommon that couples contemplating divorce decide to do so after the holidays.  If you and your spouse have already decided that a divorce is inevitable, there are a few ways you can start to prepare for what lays ahead. The following are a few things to […]

  • Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution


    Contested issues in Family Law cases do not necessarily have to be resolved through a judge’s ruling after an expensive and time-consuming trial. In fact, a speedy, cost-effective and fair outcome may be reached through Alternative Dispute Resolution. In addition, parties are often able to maintain more control over the outcome of their cases by […]