Post Divorce Dating Advice

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Your marriage ended in divorce and you took the time to recover, now you are looking to start taking those first steps to forming a new and meaningful relationship. Perhaps your first marriage and the way it ended gave you some insight as to what you want and don’t want in your next relationship. Taking those experiences and learning from them is a great first step into how you want to approach your dating life.

The following are also some suggestions on what to look for on your journey to finding love again:

  • Get a feel for their relationship with their family. Similar values are important in any relationship so having the same outlook regarding family bonds is helpful. If one person is too involved in their family and prioritizes them over you regularly, it could cause future problems.
  • Ask the person you are dating about how their last relationship ended. Although most people steer clear of speaking about their past relationships, it is not always an off-limits conversation. Relationships involve two people, so if someone places all the blame on the other, it could raise some red flags.
  • Find ways to get a feel for how they handle finances. Entering a new relationship with secrets and a lot of debt will likely cause a lot of strain. Handling debts and finances are  important issues in relationships/marriages.
  • What are their passions/hobbies? Learn about what gives them that fire. If you can see yourself getting on board with it too, great! If not, there may be other ways to bond.
  • Feel out how they communicate. Communication is key in any relationship and if you are not on the same page with one another, it will never work out. If you are passionate and always share how you are feeling but the other person is completely shut off that will lead to a lot of frustration on your end.

Dating, especially after a divorce can be nerve wracking. Take your time getting to know new people and use your past experiences as a tool to guide you through. Remember what is important to you and don’t compromise and settle.