Patricia Fernandez is a creative, thorough and professional divorce attorney. She is extremely skilled in handling the most complex cases. Pat helped me navigate through the difficult process of divorce. I am highly satisfied with the outcome and am grateful for her expertise.

I give my highest recommendation to Patricia Fernandez and her team of legal and administrative professionals.

Kathleen Harris

Divorce is a painful, frustrating and exhausting experience, made even more so when children are involved.

Throughout the year that it took to reach a final judgment of divorce, Pat Fernandez and her team were professional, aggressive and worked extremely hard to protect my interests and those of my son. I am very pleased with the result and would strongly recommend them in the most complex and acrimonious cases.

I rest easy knowing that Pat and her team are there and ready if I need them again before my son reaches adulthood.

Patrick Harvie

I have received the BEST legal council available at Pat Fernandez and
Associates. I absolutely loved working with Attorney Nicole Socci, she did
not miss a beat and covered every detail. Her level of professionalism,
discipline and understanding kept me focused at all times. The support staff
of Paralegals; Marie was so warm and friendly upon entering the
office. They took good care of all my financial and business issues with a
smile and laughter. It was through a wonderful TEAM that got me through a
very difficult divorce; My life has just begun…… a new! Many Thanks.


I came to Patricia after consultations with several other attorneys who just couldn’t seem to wrap their brain around my case. Pat helped me secure a settlement with all the stipulations I wanted, including full custody of my children, without the expense of taking our case before the judge. I have come back to her each time an issue has come up with my ex-husband, and I have always felt glad to have her on my side. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Patricia S. Fernandez & Associates to anyone undergoing a divorce, child support, or custody matter. She is excellent.

Susan W.

My partner and I, who were together 8 years, bought a house, but it was in her name. I paid for a lot of the expenses, including the down payment, and made repairs to the house throughout our relationship. When we broke up, I told her I wanted my share of the house. She said because it was in her name, I wasn’t going to get anything! Because of Pat’s help, we were able to mediate an agreement which allowed her to keep the house, but pay me for my own investment in the property. One of the best things is that we kept it out of court and used a mediator. It kept down the expenses, as well as the fighting.

Joan D.

I live in North Andover and needed a trusted attorney in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Patricia Fernandez represented me on two difficult occasions and we won on both counts. Patricia and her staff showed high character and integrity. I would recommend her highly.

Tom M.

My experience with Patricia S. Fernandez & her staff was very positive, kind and constructive, considering the potential negativity of a divorce/custody proceeding. Patricia helped me seek solutions that protect the custody and well-being of my infant child, and her counsel afforded me the gift of having my life return to normal. Pat guided me in finding common ground wherever appropriate, but was always on my side and prepared to aggressively litigate when necessary. She acted as an advocate, guide and protector, during one of the most difficult times of my life.

If you need a hero, if you really need someone that will stand by you and do the absolute right thing, then, you need Pat Fernandez.