When to Walk Away from a Relationship

Relationships aren’t easy and almost all of them have their fair share of ups and downs. As people continue to grow as individuals, there is the hope that the relationship will grow as well. Choosing to stick it out through the bad times rather than just give up is an issue many people deal with in a relationship.  It is difficult to determine when it is simply the time to walk away.

The following situations may warrant you re-evaluating your relationship, recognizing what is best for you and your life, and that it may be time to walk away:

  • Your partner is physically, verbally, or mentally abusive. No one should ever stay in a relationship where any form of abuse is present. Physical abuse is obvious, as is verbal abuse, but emotional abuse may be a bit more difficult to pick up on in its early stages. If your partner becomes manipulative, is a compulsive liar, and leaves you feeling like you are always second guessing yourself or makes you feel inadequate, it may be time to walk away.
  • You recognize there are issues in the relationship and want to work on them but your partner refuses to acknowledge them and/or get help to address them. If you are the only one willing to admit there are problems and are the only one willing to get the help to work on the problems, it is clear that the relationship is not your partner’s priority.
  • One of you (or both of you) has had an affair multiple times. Relationships can survive an infidelity, but when it is happening on a consistent basis, that is a big red flag. Clearly one person is looking for something else outside of the relationship. It is time to move on.
  • If your relationship holds you back from other important aspects of your life. A healthy relationship allows each person to be the best version of themselves, but if your friendships, career, health, dreams, etc. are all suffering or not making any progress because of your partner it is time to re-evaluate.
  • You can’t rely on your partner. A partnership is supposed to be supportive of one another, one where you can rely on the other no matter what. If you are constantly being let down and always wondering if your partner is going to have your back then it may be time to call it quits.

Relationships take work, many time they take a lot of work. But when the relationship becomes draining, worrisome, and leaves you feeling anxious, afraid, or hopeless, it is okay to make the decision to walk away and discover a new life for yourself.