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Guardian Ad Litem

We can serve as Guardian ad Litems and can be appointed by a judge or selected by the parties to perform investigations related to custody or parenting disputes.

Special / Discovery Master

We can serve as Discovery Masters. A Discovery Master is appointed by the judge or by the parties to supervise the process of compiling financial information from both parties during a Divorce or other action. She supervises the scheduling of depositions, sets deadlines for completion of document production and interrogatories, and generally keeps the discovery process on track.

Limited Assistance Representation

Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) allows an attorney to advocate for a client, for a part of the client’s case. The attorney and client enter into an agreement which clearly defines the tasks that the attorney will perform and the tasks for which the client will be responsible. LAR is intended to assist those who may not want to or who cannot afford to incur the cost of representation for an entire case. All the attorneys in the office can do Limited Assistance Representation.

Coaching Services

Patricia S. Fernandez, Family Law also provides coaching services to those who intend on representing themselves in Court as well as to those individuals who may be mediating a dispute and would like the assistance of an attorney in preparing for mediation discussions and for reviewing a written agreement resulting from mediation.

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